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Shop our diverse range of connectivity and security solutions. Our services are prepaid, with no lock-in contract, so you can freely select the level of service based on your traveling needs. 


from 5.00 AUD

Unlimited Wi-Fi internet in over 180 countries with 67+ million hotspots.

 Select a Wi-Fi pass most suited for the duration of your trip and download the app. Before you depart, ensure you log into the app and wait for your device to be activated. 

SOS Alert

from 4.00 AUD

SIM Card

from 40.00 AUD

  • 4G United Global SIM
  • AUD $30 Credit
  • 1GB Zone 1 Data Pack
  • 30-Day Unlimited Wi-Fi Pass
  • 30-Day SOS Alerts Pass
  • Free Standard Shipping
Valued at $89 AUD, for only $40 AUD!

Top Up

from 15.00 AUD

This product is a prepaid credit amount which is applied to your Global SIM and can be used on calls, SMS, and mobile data. 

You can purchase credit as a voucher and apply it to your Global SIM within 180 days, or you can apply it directly to a registered SIM on the checkout page

Are you a heavy data user? Check out the latest promo on data packs for further savings!

Data Pack

from 10.00 AUD

Data Packs are broken up into Zones and offer the best per MB value for your Global roaming SIM. 

Ideal for the data-hungry traveller and offers even bigger savings on our already great roaming rates. 

Don't forget to check which zone you are travelling to. 

Day Bundle

from 4.50 AUD

Day Bundles are specifically designed for the Canadian travellers going to the United States.

Providing unlimited calls and texts between the U.S. and Canada, each Day Bundle is valid for 24 hours. Select the quantity of Day Packs based on the duration of your trip