One SIM card to call, text and use data no matter where you are.

Our international roaming SIM is supported by 600+ networks in over 190 countries 

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Great savings on calls, texts, and data when you travel

United Global SIM will take the sting out of overseas travel with our low cost international roaming SIM card. Our competitive pricing ensures you can stay connected throughout your journey without having to worry about a hefty price tag.

United Global SIM is a prepaid service, meaning no lock-in contract and no bill-shock. With our large collection of top-up, data pack, and day pack products, you can choose the amount most suited for your journey and only pay for what you need. Purchase a United Global SIM for your unlocked device today and start saving.

 Prepaid, no contract
 Calls from $0.20 per minute*
 Texts from $0.15 per standard SMS*
 Data from $0.15 per MB*


*Prices are in AUD. The United Global SIM only works with unlocked mobile phones and tablets.

 Global Coverage

United Global SIM works in over 190 countries and connects to more than 600 mobile networks, ensuring you can stay connected anywhere you choose to travel. Our extensive global network means you can have access to multiple carriers in the one country, giving you the flexibility and preference of the best performing networks.

What does this mean for you?

  • One SIM for over 190 countries
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Multiple network availability
  • Switch to a better performing network

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 Easy, affordable data roaming for your next trip

You choose how you want to spend on data. United offers data packs for the data-hungry traveller and offers pay as you go data rates for those who just want to send a few photos here and there.

Pay as you go

  • One SIM balance to manage all your calling, SMS as well as data
  • We’ll automatically switch off data when your balance is less than $5AUD
  • Prepaid, easy-to-understand pricing

Data Packs

  • Cheaper per MB pricing
  • Works by the Zone - don’t forget to check which zone you are travelling to
  • Ideal for smartphones

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 Our experts are here to help

We’ve prepared some user guides and FAQs to answer all of your questions. But if you’re still stuck, make sure you contact us. Whether you have a quick question or need some help with a network, you can contact our support team for reliable, quick and professional help.

How can you get in touch?

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 Select the best data option for your travel needs

What are you using your data on? Make sure you understand what your phone is using data for and select the option best suited for your traveling needs.

We have a wide range of data packs, providing you even greater savings on data roaming. Apply a data pack directly to your registered United Global SIM, or purchase one as a voucher to use at a later date.

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*Data packs only work with an active Global SIM and expire 30 days after purchase. Data pack vouchers are valid for 180 days.
Activity Data used
Sending or receiving 40 emails without attachments 2 MB
Visiting 5 different web pages 2 MB
Browsing Facebook for 10 minutes 3 MB
Streaming 10 minutes of audio content 10 MB
Making a 10 minute call on Skype (standard not video) 10 MB
Uploading 10 photos 40 MB
Streaming 10 minutes of video on YouTube (standard definition) 70 MB

this information should be used as a guide only. Data usage may vary based on the App. Most apps use background activity which also uses your data. To switch this off, please do so in the App settings.
Sourced: Managing your data usage

Global SIM is your essential travel companion

Keep in touch with your friends and family when you travel with a United Global SIM.

 190+ countries and 600+ networks
 Prepaid, no lock-in contract
 Massive savings on calls, SMS and data
 One phone number for all countries
 Expert technical support
 One SIM fits all mobile phones and tablets

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